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May 31, 2009

We going to the “ship”!

NBA Finals, here we come. The Orlando Magic have made it back to the promised land when it comes to the sport of basketball. Not since 1995, have the Orlando Magic been past the second round of play-off play let alone contending to be the best team in the eastern conference. Over the twenty year span of the magic’s existance as a eastern conference team controversy making it to the play-offs due to faulty draft considerations and free-agency pick-ups have haunted the Orlando franchise since the 95′ finals run season.

This is a very big step for the Orlando Magic as they expect and are expected to reclaim what should have been to change the pace as far as the Orlando style of play in the NBA.

May 31, 2009

Should Medical Marijuana be allowed in Florida?

As of now, there are thriteen state currnetly that allowed the medicinal function of marijuana to ease the pain of those that are chroniclly ill. Since the national response witnessed as the Obama inuaguration transpired, the push to legalize medical marijuana continues to take notice by individual state.

Federal law states that as long as a state expects the policy to allow marijuana to be used in a medicinal purpose then the reasoning behind the approach would be entirely up to the state to maintain a productive consideration of legal marijauna possesers. Florida has had many attempts to placing marijuana on the controlable substance menu, although many floridians think that marijuana is regardless of how the future approach is held an illegal subtance in that of marijuana. Despite the research and current efforts as well as considerable facts florida seems to feel that this nations nuber one cash crop need not contend with Floridas’ number one cash crop in that of the very legal citrus.

The concept of regulating marijuana is the most over looked legalization consideration that may be taken of marijuana. In other words the taxation of marijuana. As a unified nation, we’ve learned that all things need some sort of representation of some sorts and as long as marijuana is an illegal substance, then the consideration of the threats that naturally come from marijuana would have to be taken into consideration as well.

Currently there is nothing to go off of as far as how to tax this substance to promote fair trade and substain equal proportational values. With out a reasonable regulation cause to support the medical assumption of legal marijuana then the possibilities of this becoming a florida concept will never happen.

May 31, 2009

Orlando Advances!

As the Eastern Conference Finals end in Orlando, the Cavs leave with a couple uncertanties felt about the series facing the now Conference Champs in the Magic. In one of the most historical match-ups in NBA history, it seemed the powerhouse of the Orlando franchise faced the Iron-man ego of King James and the Cavs.

Being the only player ever in NBA history to ever average 40 points during a play-off berth, the expectancy of play high caliber play from Lebron James was more than ever needed as the Orlando offense opened game six high-powered. Altough, James is the NBA MVP, one must not forget the fact that Dwight Howard is also MVP, defensive that is. Part of a defense that only allowed Lebron to score 20 first half points as well as being almost score-less in the third quarter.  Impressive play from a team that historically was in the same postion 15 years ago with a 1995 NBA finals run in which they were swept by the Rockets in four games.

So what is now expected of the best team in the east?

Well if your a fan like me, then the win is to be expected, however, I’d like to see the Magic look history in the face and give it the ole’ look at me now approach and bring back what should have been ours in the fairly young expansion franchise of the Orlando Magic.


Lets go Magic!

May 30, 2009

Game 6 Tonight in Orlando!

As the Eastern Conference Finals prepares for game six tonight in Orlando, the expectation of the Magic advancing into the NBA finals is highly expected. Tonights game should seal the fate for the Cleveland Cavs as game six is being prepared and the series now 3-2 should close this evening with a Magic win at home.

So what does entering the NBA finals mean for the Magic?

It means that the Orlando area gets the much needed attention that is needed to it’s poverty stricten area that is known as the parramore area. As the Magic try to continue construction on the new arena this area continues to cry out that the economic state of the surrounding community is affected as budgeting factors continue to delay progress of the new arena.

The Parramore area has seen dramatic changes within the community since the Amway area had been placed inthe area with the expectation of NBA franchise contengancy.

As the Eastern Conference Finals are continued to be played, the expectation of the Orlando Magic and its current state in the NBA will be considered as the community roots for its home team.

May 29, 2009

Are you struggling?

As the days go by, more and more americans are losing their jobs or facing foreclosure. Or in some cases, both. As this nation comes to terms with the fact that financial uncertainy is now becoming a way of life the harsh reality that help is also harder and harder to come by is a growing factor.

The 211 help line was serviced to input americans towards resources and options as it has now come to being more of a nusance rather than the expected life-line option once intended. Not enough people are offering thier services or their personal opinions to influence a suffecient response in some areas, while you have entire communities reaching out to improve what pride and dignity that is left amongst family, friends, and neighbors. I’m sure that as individuals, if we invested five minutes of our time towards helping those that need understanding during this current consideration of economic displacement, we could maintain a rational standpoint as living-options and standards become tougher to manage and more costly to maintain.

Becoming familiar with your local non-profit may just be the best possible option to surviving this current crisis. United way, Salvation Army, Homeless service providers and shelters and food banks, even your local church; more and more people are begining to turn to this places to seek and receive guidance, support, and financial assistance in the current time frame.

The option is yours. Sitting around and wait until the brunt of the current times makes you the next statistic or placing yourself in the line of understanding and asserting of oneself towards acheiving and striving through this mess?

Altough millions of americans are being placed in the situation as questioned, some are using what is left of this nations 740 credit score and making the best with the rest.

May 29, 2009

Why did Orlando Lose game 5 in Cleveland?

It seems that for better lack of game play, the Orlando offense just was not focused enough to keep them in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

As the Orlando Magic entered game five of the eastern conference finals, the thought of ending this insuing series against the Cavs should have become reality. Rafer Alston was held to only three point as the Cavs held on to win as the magic tried to come back from a 22 point deficiet.

Being 8-of-25 from three point range, the Cavs seemed to have measured out what makes the Magic offense tick as Mo williams delivered 6 three-pointer to end the night with 24 point and being four-of-five from the line.

So what does game 6 in Orlando mean?

This is a must win coming back to Orlando to play game six Saturday night. Although the Magic bench only was accounted for 22 points, it was the lack of the starters making open shots that held the Magic to lose by 10. Lee and Alston have to step up as it comes back to Orlando for game 6.

May 28, 2009

Keys to a Orlando win Tonight!

As if the momentum is not enough to inspire the Magic to a win tonight, defense will be the considerable factor to bringing the Eastern Conference trophy to Orlando.

The way Rafer Alston played in game 4 against the Cavs the potential and level of play is sure to be expected of him again tonight, althought the Magic bench is already notorious for bringing up the rear as the Orlando style of play just may place them in the finals.

Allowing the three-point play to develop and bringing the paint into the equation as an option of scoring will keep the Magic a scoring threat as the ranked defense of Cavs has began to show signs of weakness.

Indeed Rashard Lewis (with an expectional three pointer in game three) is also expected to put up numbers as well as to maintain an offensive front. the Magic have brought forth an impressive display of transition play in the two last games against the Cavs to keep them depending on a sole effort of Lebron James and possible defensive rebounds to keep them within range of Orlando’s productive scoring tactics.

In theory “king” James should be phased out (so consistant pressure on him should make him stoppable) after being tested game after game with no sort of help from the rest of the Caviliers offense as they have now lost to the magic a number of five times between the play-offs and this current eastern conference finals series, as it is expected that the Magic will close this off and advance into the finals tonight.

May 27, 2009

Orlando wins with a new tune at Home!

As the Orlando Magic began to prepare to face the Cleveland Cavaliers Tuesday night at home I’m sure a couple of senerios run through the head of the players heads as a historical factor of the Magic style of game play is considered. As the half-time festives transpired and game play continued you could tell the anticipation of entering into the NBA finals was a factor as Alston came out strong with an outstanding opening drive of 13 unexpected personal points in the matter of less than a minute and a half of game play.

No one has ever came out that blazed and expected to play as the now infamouos Nick Anderson once played as a Orlando Magic guard. As an unstoppable force, my lou skipped to a new tune as the Magic guard came ouot with a strong opening to advance the magic to lead the series three games to the cavs one.

May 27, 2009

The American Dollar!

How valuable is the american when considering the current economic situation that this nation is facing.

As an american this is a very valuable question that bothers me due to the fact that all around me the importance of being financially stable seems to bring forth bothersome subject as day in and day out unemployment and the increase of home forclosures are erupting into a modern day fiasco of unexplainable situations and circumstances.

The effect that the dollar take into consideration as the standard instrument of trade and financial status is attacted constantly due to the fact that every-one views the dollar with different aspects when survival in this modern day american society is determined.

May 20, 2009

Eastern Conference Finals!

Magic V.S Cavs!

What are the Orlando Magic facing as they enter into the NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals as contenders against the Cleveland Cavaliers?

As the Cavs stretched the ranking’s to lead the eastern conference as a dominate force, the popularity of Lebron James seems to have taken new height as his reigns supremacy as the leagues MVP and the driving force behind Cleveland’s NBA championship run. In the post-season alone, James averages 32 points per game as the Cavs thrashed past both Atlanta and Detroit to contend as the Eastern Conference top seeded team into the Eastern Conference Finals. Having already lost to the Magic 2 games to 1 during the regular season, the Cavs have to be careful of the defensive front that the Magic have as they face off in the eastern conference finals.

Orlando has a couple of advantages in that they just beat the same team that put the Cavs out last year in the reigning champs of the defeated Boston Celtics. Needless to say that there seems to be some momentum that the Magic have, as the Cavs have set around watching the continuation of the playoffs having defeated rival eastern conference opponents in the first four games. A response as Cleveland advanced past Detroit in first round and the out-come of the semifinal round as Cleveland advanced past Atlanta.

As the magic as a team have progressed, it seems that so have individuals such as Hedo Turkoglu as he single handedly scored 25 point in the game against the Celtics to advance the Magics into the eastern conference finals and history as favorable playoff opponents as a NBA franchise.