Orlando scoring in the paint.

Game five of the eastern conference second round semifinals between the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics proved to be an improvedeffort when scoring in the paint forthe Magic. Normally the Orlando Magic as a team are not known to show any aggression when converting and scoring are factors upon the consideation of ball control and movement. As a team that is known for the high-post the magic became a factor scoring in the paint facing the Celtics in Boston Tuesday night.

Not having the ability to respond to the powerful Celtics front-men, the magic were forced to use thier heads and play ball as they made pivotal shots wll in the paint. at one point the magic were noted as scoring 38 points in the pain to bring game five to a close at the banknorth arena against the celtics. Being a small conservetive team, any sign of offesnsive production must be noted as potentials of impact whilethe magic are continuing the road to the finals as a eastern conference NBA team. Having the leagues leading rebounder, the ability to score in the paint shoould be a strongpoint for the magic. However, this statistic is more of a burden for the magic than of a shining point to place a competitive impact against.

What is known aboutthe magic scoring is that as a team 3-point scoring has been the back-door of a sense to the Magic as in its twentieth year as a NBA team, glory is in the hands of the posseser.

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