Boston’s turnover ratio o the Magic’s field goal inconsistantcy?

Averaging at about 14 turnovers a game during the regular season the Celtic’s have their hands full as they face the magic tonight as game seven is to be played in Boston. Orlando have their own controversies as they have had problems staying consistent from the field as well as the three point range.

As these two teams battle to continue what seems to be evenly weighed paces towards greatness the only unbalance is the fact that the Magic are now entering their twentieth season as a team and need every thing to count going into tonight’s game.

Orlando started it’s existence into the NBA as a team to contend with as far as scoring comparisons are concerned as the Magic once held the NBA’s fifth best scoring team with an one-hundred and six points per game scoring average. Going into tonight’s game seven of the second round of the eastern conference play-off’s the Magic entered the play-off’s with an average of one-hundred and one points per game as the NBA’s tenth best scoring offense.

However scoring consistency will pay a factor entering tonight’s game as the Magic have held their field goal efficiency rating as the leagues forth best tem in the NBA when making improvements as the game transpires. Hopefully the Magic will make history in this aspect and improve to becoming NBA champs, until then lets advance to the eastern conference finals tonight as the Orlando Magic come to face the Boston Celtics in Boston at the TD Banknorth Arena at 7:30 on TNT.

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