Are you struggling?

As the days go by, more and more americans are losing their jobs or facing foreclosure. Or in some cases, both. As this nation comes to terms with the fact that financial uncertainy is now becoming a way of life the harsh reality that help is also harder and harder to come by is a growing factor.

The 211 help line was serviced to input americans towards resources and options as it has now come to being more of a nusance rather than the expected life-line option once intended. Not enough people are offering thier services or their personal opinions to influence a suffecient response in some areas, while you have entire communities reaching out to improve what pride and dignity that is left amongst family, friends, and neighbors. I’m sure that as individuals, if we invested five minutes of our time towards helping those that need understanding during this current consideration of economic displacement, we could maintain a rational standpoint as living-options and standards become tougher to manage and more costly to maintain.

Becoming familiar with your local non-profit may just be the best possible option to surviving this current crisis. United way, Salvation Army, Homeless service providers and shelters and food banks, even your local church; more and more people are begining to turn to this places to seek and receive guidance, support, and financial assistance in the current time frame.

The option is yours. Sitting around and wait until the brunt of the current times makes you the next statistic or placing yourself in the line of understanding and asserting of oneself towards acheiving and striving through this mess?

Altough millions of americans are being placed in the situation as questioned, some are using what is left of this nations 740 credit score and making the best with the rest.


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