Orlando Advances!

As the Eastern Conference Finals end in Orlando, the Cavs leave with a couple uncertanties felt about the series facing the now Conference Champs in the Magic. In one of the most historical match-ups in NBA history, it seemed the powerhouse of the Orlando franchise faced the Iron-man ego of King James and the Cavs.

Being the only player ever in NBA history to ever average 40 points during a play-off berth, the expectancy of play high caliber play from Lebron James was more than ever needed as the Orlando offense opened game six high-powered. Altough, James is the NBA MVP, one must not forget the fact that Dwight Howard is also MVP, defensive that is. Part of a defense that only allowed Lebron to score 20 first half points as well as being almost score-less in the third quarter.  Impressive play from a team that historically was in the same postion 15 years ago with a 1995 NBA finals run in which they were swept by the Rockets in four games.

So what is now expected of the best team in the east?

Well if your a fan like me, then the win is to be expected, however, I’d like to see the Magic look history in the face and give it the ole’ look at me now approach and bring back what should have been ours in the fairly young expansion franchise of the Orlando Magic.


Lets go Magic!


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