Should Medical Marijuana be allowed in Florida?

As of now, there are thriteen state currnetly that allowed the medicinal function of marijuana to ease the pain of those that are chroniclly ill. Since the national response witnessed as the Obama inuaguration transpired, the push to legalize medical marijuana continues to take notice by individual state.

Federal law states that as long as a state expects the policy to allow marijuana to be used in a medicinal purpose then the reasoning behind the approach would be entirely up to the state to maintain a productive consideration of legal marijauna possesers. Florida has had many attempts to placing marijuana on the controlable substance menu, although many floridians think that marijuana is regardless of how the future approach is held an illegal subtance in that of marijuana. Despite the research and current efforts as well as considerable facts florida seems to feel that this nations nuber one cash crop need not contend with Floridas’ number one cash crop in that of the very legal citrus.

The concept of regulating marijuana is the most over looked legalization consideration that may be taken of marijuana. In other words the taxation of marijuana. As a unified nation, we’ve learned that all things need some sort of representation of some sorts and as long as marijuana is an illegal substance, then the consideration of the threats that naturally come from marijuana would have to be taken into consideration as well.

Currently there is nothing to go off of as far as how to tax this substance to promote fair trade and substain equal proportational values. With out a reasonable regulation cause to support the medical assumption of legal marijuana then the possibilities of this becoming a florida concept will never happen.

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