GM filing bankrupt.

As the economic intanglement of this nation continues to be witnessed due to bad lending practices by this nations largest lending brokers, people are becoming more responsible on how they spend there money. Although it seems that due to the current Obama adminstration considerations, an ease had seemed to start to comfort the people as stimulus monies are being delivered to states and organizations accordingly, one of this nations largest automotive makers is becoming subject to financial worries and the threat of bankruptcy.

So what does this mean?
It could mean alot as GM employed numerous smaller business as well as that of the other corporation that will be affected by the financial trobles taken on by GM as a whole. Already, the government invested $7.5 billion in financing arm GMAC about two weeks ago, in part to help it keep making loans on GM vehicles as well as on Chrysler vehicles. Needless to say that GM is seeking to cut 1,550 dealers and lay-off thousands of workers in the amist to come.

We as a nation are already facing the affects of a failing economy in the fact that each month atleast 2,500 new unemployment claims are considered nation-wide and the over-all 8.2 rate will soon increase with out the threat of the GM bankruptcy proposal.

The economy that once was a thriving aspect of this nation was once fueled by GM as a innovative automotive franchise. Now the only thing thriving as a current response of the GM theory of marketing is the fact that this nation may soon come to give billions in tax money to get the thought of GM and the automotive industry alive.


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