Illegal immigration and unemployment.

Just as there is a war on drugs this nation year in and year out fights to keep this nation as civil as possible with-out the threat of outside interferance. Each year millions of illegal immigrants come into this nation with-out the consent of the american customs and immigration departments when citizenship is considered. As any threat that comes to this nation so does the cost to combat this force of action taken on by this nation. Each year millions of dollars are directed to the services of fighting this effort as the livilhoods of our nations citizens becomes a risk.

So what is the fuss really about?

As the current action taken as a response of illegal immigration suggests it’s our jobs that are at risk.

But what jobs are at risk here in America as we a re facing the worse economic crisis since the 30’s? This question seems rather intreging as this sort of out-come coming from illegal immigration seems to be a national crisis. Are illegal immigrants really taking our jobs and bring this nation into economic turmoil? And what jobs are they taking.

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