Stimulus money at work.

Currently arounf the nation, word is being spread of how stimulus money is being used to suit to the on-going demand of financial worries of millions of americans. Each response ranges from the obivous of helping pay teachers salaries as economic time are seeming harder than before, as well as directing funds towards education programs to insure that children are being taken care of during this national crisis. Each response is the nation at work trying to bring some sense to all this with the intentions of keeping the like of the american people at bay.

So how is the state of Florida using stimulus money as financial considerations are being implemented to fix this current crisis?

Nothing has been mentioned as of yet of how the state of Florida is using the federal money to aid the people during this economic fiasco. Although many suggestions could be made to give bring forth some sort of public distrection as unemployement, forclosure, school closings, and health care cuts are the beginings of a directional approach of stimulus money.

One direction could be considered as to placing an impact on the current re-entry department of corrections program, in which, the housing considerations of soon to be released prison/jail inmates is the subject needing the attention of sponsorship funding to implore the pontentials of such a program. This program seeks to negate the effects of inmates returning back into society and being presummed homeless. Having the ability to offer directional services as well as having the ability to offer section-8 and low-income housing oppurtunites are impacts that make this program such a reasonable option than that of the direct approach of shelter stay for homeless inmates that may be mentally ill or incompotent.

This consideration seems to bring forth the consideration that regardless of one criminal history a second chance at life a a productive, responsible member of this society is an approachable option when the suggestion of housing is considered for those that have tanted the character as civil individuals.

This is a suggestion of what can be dome with stimulus money designed to aid the state of Florida through this economic crisis. However, as mentioned earlier, this is not the only option that may be implied of a reasonable option. But it does raise a point. Even as we as free to place the suggestions of how to spend this money as our homes are being forclosed upon, those in jail or prison are publicly showing that they have nothing and are not being offered a decent voice to even consider a second thought.

However stimulus money is being use in your area make sure that the better good for all is the optional out-come.

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