De-Throning Lebron James.

Being the selected into the NBA is one thing, but, being drafted as the number one pick straight out of high-school, now thats some real talent. In 2003 Lebron James did it to become the leagues reigning King hailing from Cleveland. And hailing from Cleveland is what he has done from then until now.

The Cavs were sat down by the Orlando Magic in what may have been considered the year his majesty may have just added a crown jewel to his collection of accomplishments as one of the NBA’s youngest and most seasoned players known to date.

Entering the league with a $90 million dollar incentive was just the start of what has become to be known as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs. Despite the rookie of the year award as well as the numerous times as first team all-star apperances, needless to say also being a 2 time olympian, as well as falling short of glory just last season; the name King James at times seems to be an understatment of the person that we are speaking of in the once high-school McDonalds All-American MVP and three time All-USA First Team and the once known Mr. Basketball of Ohio.

Point being is that winning has always been accustomed to the King despite what adversities being faced such as the infamous St. Vincent–St. Mary basketball forfiet caused due to the expectation of Lebron into the NBA, the only loss of the season that St. Vincent-St. Mary faced the whole season.

Now days the most painful loss had to be delivered by the team that kept James and the Cavs at bay during the reg. season with 2 wins to Clevelands one in regular season play, as well as being the same team that later came back after the Cavs dominated the first two rounds of the play-offs with a flawless 8-0 run to advance into the Eastern Conference Finals. It was her in the Eastern Conference Finals that the reign of LeBron was tested and tried as taking into the consideration that the King has done enough.

If one takes a second to really look at what LeBron has accomplished, it may be due for him to consider a more suitable supporting cast gig for a while. James has recorded 28 triple-doubles in his career as of this current regular season, with four coming from the play-offs alone placing him in the NBA all time greatest record list as being one of the most dominate Small Fowards ever.

Really, they actually used tacics that were used to guard Micheal Jordon (a known offensive threat) to compare and contrast on how to guard LeBron James. Just think, the analyst went and dug up game play scenerio to bring forth a consideration of how much as a threat James is compared to Micheal Jordon, in his time of greatness and prevailing any current team record.

During his career, Lebron James has come to be accounted for 28 points per game, 7 rebounds and 7 assists per game as an average. Yet still, LeBron James is only 24 years old with a wife and two children. This is alot coming from a kid that use to respect and admire the likes of a former Magic play in that of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway.

With the current MVP title and last seasons scorinf champion award as well as the numerous apperances in the play-offs and the NBA All-Stars, what more can a kid from the bottom want beside the ring to show for it all. Well the way the Cavs were talking draft and trade negotiations after the eastern conference championship it should be an all-around team.

No one man has ever taken he and his team to glory and the way that the Cavs swept through the 08′ play-offs, no one man ever will with out the support of the rest of the team in mind.

As great of a player LeBron James is Mike Brown and the Cleveland front office should have noticed the true potnetials of LeBron James as a ever so hunger NBA player and equiped him with a decent and responsible team. Last seasons eastern conference run should have made this theory more aware at that time as the Boston Celtics deprived King James of his just desert.

Just hopefully after this extended delay of play (a.k.a. the off season) for the Cavs, the consideration of placing LeBron around other hungry individuals will become an embraceful impact on the Cleveland style of play and offer LeBron a more reasonble response to being currently the best NBA player. As expected of last seasons outcome, only the finals will seem to ease the pain of being denied two years in a row from acheiving not only the best eastern conference team but the best NBA team in that of the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James.

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