The battle of the Disneys’!

I was reading an article out of the Orlando Sentinal Sports section for Tuesday June 2 that mentioned this understatement as a reason behind the current match-up of NBA opponents. Its the Orlando Magic versus the Los Angeles Lakers in a confrontation that is said to be based on the tourist attractions of these two seemingly over-rated cities.

Both cities are facing economic uncertainies as the affects of the recession are still being felt and placing a stern impact on all aspects of attaining revenue and being able to gross a reasonable income.

As odd as it may seem, the affects are being felt by the NBA and Disney alike as in an inverted way these two cities just so happened to meet in what will be a historic match-up of the the NBA finals.

Although Los Angeles surpasses the history and fan basis that the Magic have, Basketball and tourism are two major likenesses that Orlando and L.A are about to compare as the series begins in Los Angeles Thursday June 4 at the Staples Arena. The Los Angeles fan support takes into the consideration that everything is really better in Cali as the most prestigious of the best are earnest supporters of the hometown team. People like “Jack” and Leo DiCapi, Denzel Washington, Hugh Heffner, Govenor Schwazanegger and so on. The Celeb’s really come out and stand in for the Lakers each and every game. In Orlando the Only support of this type that we have is Tiger Woods. One of the true Blue fans as it is stated that since the 95′ season woods has been as season ticket holder for the Magic. So if anyone remembers the struggles that the Magic had to in dure such as the risky draft and trade considerations that have impacted previous Magic play as well as the failed expectations of the Coaches and the lazy players that have leached off the team and so on.

Publicity that is needed in Orlando that as the expectation of the Magic have been met it is now time to seal the deal and finish what history denied us for so long as a city and a up and coming dominate NBA franchise, the right to fair game.


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