The falling of an industrial giant.

All over the media the news is spreading about how GM, americas largest car maker, comes to terms with the financial down-turn this nation is facing as threats of bankruptcy looms.

GM bankrupt.

How could the nations leading car maker be going or even considering the possibility of not having enough money to maintain pay-roll and keep thousands of dealerships open on a gobal assumption. All the new cars that are on the road as well as the expectation of new model cars waiting to tempt the people of this nation with its features and gadets and extra space and new car smell. (What is that new car smell any ways?)

The point is, is that the pride and joy of this nation, that being the car industry, is not able to to maintain its own annual financing terms and instant approaval rates just can’t seem to ease to edge of the percentage rating that would be placed against the corporation as a whole as the eminate threat of being bankrupt terrors the giant of the car industry.


Being one of the most innovative responses coming from the industrial revolution the automobile was the way of the future as being that outlet that brought worlds apart, together. Since the first model-T was sold, the automobile has given its buyers the freedom to explore. And as americans, our explorations cause us to need two or three out-lets to presume the social life that was magically placed into the hands of the car own. We have evn come to personalize small ships and planes as well, but none top he specific value of the automobile and our love for it.

Americans have come some open about our love for a personal means of transportaion that it has spread to over 250 countries and employes over 260,00 employees as a productive americianized industry.

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