The Magic in 7!

Just off the head I’m giving the Orlando Magic the benefit of the doubt that as a statistical unit the series is their after the whole seven game stretch.

Going off what the season has already given off as as a statistical response as the Magic pounced the Cavs to send them back to Cleveland in six games of eastern conference finals after defeating them two games to one in the regular season. Proving that the Magic can adjust to transition ofeense and defense when playing against a one person scoring system, in that of league MVP LeBron James. LeBron is a very productive force by himself as his stats this season alone earned him not only league MVP and a place in NBA history as the now infamous Mr. Triple-Double. lol.

However, the point is is that even the best could not stop the productive force of the Orlando Magic this season, and as the ply-offs continue as the expectations of the Finals are being assumed in anticipation of tomorrows game the Focus is now on Kobe Bryant.

Three times around with six attempts prior to this one is a very dominate equation to play against in that of Mr. Bryant as the Magic try to place themselves in the mind set of regular season macth up against Los Angeles as the Magic ran away with two games.

Now there is no where to run for the Magic as they have to stand-up against a stronger Lakers team as it is mentioned that Kobe has become the “Paint Whisperer” enabling him the ability to drive the paint and confuse teams with scoring options or using the infamous ‘assist’. Making the rest of the team set up and putr up points as the most dominate western conference force ever.

How could the Magic defend this style or type of play in a seven game series?

We have to wait and see as the 2008 NBA Finals come to play tommorrow in L.A. as game 1 is to be played in the Staples Center presenting the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Orlando Magic.

What a season! So Amazing!


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