Nelson a bad Omen!

I should have known that the Magic were really thinking about placing Jameer Nelson back in the line-up cause lighting hit the transformer out-sitde our house and the power was not cut back on till like the third quarter with the Magic losing 60-82.

What a day!

So is Jameer a bad omen to the current momentum that the Magic have going into the Finals? It sure seems so.

We’ve lost game one seemingly from tip off and as of now not seeing the entire game I’m sure that the game play and momentum has been orchestrated by the Lakers and the ever illusive “momba” known as Kobe Bryant.

James could be stopped by taking away the rest of the Cavs offense, with Kobe on the other hand the focus has to be placed solely in the offense to put up numbers for the simple fact that he is an unstoppable force with or with-out team participation. How do you contro la force like that beside trying to match point for point, rebound for rebound, assist for assist when facing the Lakers as a team.

This will be a series if the Magic can ever muster up the rest of the starting front to pick-up the pace Dwight Howard. I say Howard to place an emphise on the history that the Magic have of not having a reliable true Big Man the clear the traffic in the paint as one is suggesteed as having the capability of doing. Hello, thats why we lost Shaq to the dollar signs the Lakers were offering him, duh.

Although true superstardom may never become of a Magic player while still playing for the Magic, the potentials show and the presence is felt. So this could be the season that the Magic have been asking for when it comes to being able to shine. Shine on Baby shine on.

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