NBA Finals game 2 tonight in L.A.

The last time the Orlando Magic were in this position they were swept by the Houston Rockets in four straight games. That was 14 seasons ago and a less experienced Orlando Magic Team.

This is a must win in game two of the NBA Finals for the Magic. So with this in mind we can now welcome Jameer Nelson back into the equation of Orlando style offense. So what does he bring to the team as an offense guard?

16.5PPG, 4.5APG. On defense as a Orlando Magic Nelson offers, 3.5 RPG and .1BPG. The deal is that Jameer was mentioned a risk to bring back as the Magic entered the Finals due to the threat of the current team chemistry that had been made due to his loss. So with 23 minutes, 6 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists in the first game against L.A.

Is Jameer a hinderance to the becoming Magic offense.

I say yes. You just “F”-up the bench points that the Magic are notorious for producing in the time of need to impact the starters to performing better. A matter of fact the Orlando Magic have the best bench scoring in the NBA as of now being that we are in the Finals and who ever else was contending will now have to wait next season to argue the lesser.


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