Welcome to Orlando!

As we all know the orlando Magic have advanced into the NBA Finals and as a city are welcoming all NBA fans as well as Orlando Magic fans in the same. However, during this time as a city we are at war with any Los Angeles Laker or fans as sportman like conduct is regarded. In the true nature of competitive spirit we are opening the city to expoit the true nature of Orlando. From my persective Orlando is an industrial city gone mad.

Altough as a city we are incorporated to house the theme of the Walt Disney inspiration, we are hard workers and take pride of our city. Might be the true inspiration behind the Orlando Magic drive into the NBA Finals a second time around in its franchise history. I’m sure that true residents of Orlando may tell you that as a city we don’t depend on the incorporate responses that may come from Disney as a international attraction and leisure theme park. We don’t draw the same vibes nor income that residents of our western conference oppnent in that of the Los Angeles Lakers and the city of Los Angeles. In fact our fan basis is not even on the same caliber as that of the Los Angeles Lakers as they have a more consistant celebrity fan basis than that of the Orlando Magic.

I’m sure that when the series comes to Orlando in a couple of days that the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers well seem as though that there is nothing to do in Orlando because we are not a city of lights nor is there a fast pace behind the residents of Orlando that may make it seem that we are equals of the Los Angeles Lakers fans. Besides the game I’m sure that some may coem to bringing themselves to enjoying the entertainment that is know as City Walk and maybe catch a movie in the advanced stadium style movie complex. It gives the appeal of being at the game while watching a movie and drinking beer or eating one of the many snack assortments that are offered in the food court.

As I can recall the Lakers took the only supposed NBA superstar in the of the orginal Orlando Magic superman Shaquille O’Neal, so there are no celeb sponsored resturants to offer the residents of and fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. We could all buffet it up and then hit church street after the second game in Orlando for those out-of-town Lakers fans. We have an assortment of Golden Corals around the city to feed the hungry fans of the Lakers.

Other than the consistant threat of denying the Lakers the NBA Finals championship we have nothing to offer the residents of Los Angeles nor the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers expect talented, home-grown, country fed, big city inspired competetion.

Ball On!


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