Blogging or WebChating?

As this nation pregresses to include the options of internet into the homes of every american family the uses of the internet comes to mind as a question of what maybe expected as America innovates itself into the “cyber age”.

As a person how bloggs often I bring myself to ask the diffence between the usage and approaches of blogging and that of WebChatting.

Blogging seems to have a specific direction that is intended as Blogs are usaully titled and address to a general audience. Any one is able to comment and leave an opinion of what is expressed in a blog entry.

WebChatting on the other hand, is a single attempt by a person to attract an audience with the inentions of instant entertainment that may expect some sort of approaval in the form of a daily or weekly subscription. WebChatting can inspire the host to engage in expressions of entertainment and freedom in ways that may not be suitable for all audiences, as well as many blogs. WebChatting usaully is geared to attract the mature audiences as a metod of leisure and privitized social networking.

WebChatting may not be open to all the public as blogs generally are which makes WebChatting and Bloggin different in some aspects. The general commoness of the two is that they are both on-line internet options. No off-line work for Bloggers or WebChatters.

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