Orlando down 2 coming Home.

It’s official, the Magic lost their second game in a row against the Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA Finals are being played. There seems to be nothing that the Orlando Magic can muster-up to keep consistant pressure on Kobe Bryant or the Los Angeles Lakers as a team.

Altough since the first game in which the Lakers handed Orlando a 25 point defeat the Magic have come back to offer some competetion as far as scoring and field goal percentage is concerned. Shooting 41.8% in game 2 compared to the 29.9% shooting in game 1, I’d say that the Magic are trying at all costs to becoming more productive.

So why isn’t it working?

In game 2 the Magic could not hold on to the ball at all. Having 20 turnovers in a game, especially a game as important as the NBA Finals match-up. The Magic were just showing signs of being over anxious and need to learn how to use that drive to come up big. Big like the eight extra point in the paint earned by the Magic between the first game and the second game.

But Wait!

The Orlando Magic are 40-13 @home this season and during the play-offs combined. As the series shifts back to Orlando, I’m wondering what type of game-play is to be expected between the two teams as the NBA Finals contiues Tuesday Night in Orlando. Home of the 2009 Eastern Conference Champions.

Go Magic!!


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