Lakers Lead series 3-1.

With one game left at home for the Magic to express their ability to win games at home. A win is very much needed to stay alive while claiming a chance at NBA greatness.

There is no need to mention the excessive turnover that the Magic gave-up that allowed situations were the Lakers would go on a 16-5 scoring run or where Ariza would score 13 points ins one quarter.

Lets not mention the fact that the Orlando Magic against sound reasoning brought Jameer Nelson off injury reserve to pose a threat and seem as a new threat to defend against for the Lakers. Going against the same sound reasoning that is stated to offer that extra edge of anticipation and anxiety which Nelson still seems to have trouble coping with while in the Finals as a Magic guard.

Lets not talk about the lack of consistancy that the Magic have when it comes to field goal percentage as from game to game the ratings seem to see-saw up and down as the Orlando offense have trouble putting up number against the Lakers defense.

What could be said, is that the Magic have come a long way from the infantil team that were swept in teh Finals in the 95′ season run. We have more threats and more talent then before. its just the fact that as a team the Magic have yet to capitolize and win.

Way to go Howard with an NBA Finals single game record of 9 blocks.

Its now time to practice patience and poise as we prepare for game 5 in Orlando.

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