Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals Champions.

Game 5 of the NBA Finals ends with the Los Angeles Lakers becoming 15 times over championships of the league. Altough as quitely as the Lakser had advanced through-out the season, game 5 ended in the same manner.

One might say that the Lakers were destin to win the Finals due to the 2 previous year in which the productive assumptions that attract people towards Kobe Bryant weren’t in place to take the Lakers to the promised land. This season the Lakers were not going to be denied the opportunity to acheiving NBA greatness.

For Kobe Bryant, it seems that winnig the Finals took a certain burden off his back. The fact that as a superstar player that had been stripped of all rankings when speaking of an all-around-team, go-to-players, being denied league MVP, having statements made that he is a cry-babby and a ball-hog, it seems that Kobe Bryant made it a personal matter of being place into a postion of winning the NBA Finals Championship.

As the magic try to regroup and decide on how to negociate the Draft and the rest of the off season coming away with a Finals win at home against the Lakers seemed good enough to end the 2008 Basketball season.

Being a team that as they entered their twentith season were able to position themmselves into the NBA Finals almost as a mirror image of the 95 season Finals run seems scary but historical in fact. Being able to platform against a western confernece team that in itself is known as a legend is room enough to take a loss with pride while in the same breathe bringing oneself to try and position oneself to becoming play-off contenders again next season.

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