NBA Players and their Alter Ego’s!

There was Penny Hardawy with 1/2 a.k.a lil penny, Larry Johnson did it with grand ma-ma, Rodman tried to with himself, Wade is doing it with the T-mobile commercials, and now Kobe and Lebron are doing it with sesame street improves. What is an actual alter ego when viewed from a NBA fan stand point?

As talent improves, players in the NBA are becoming more apparent of their alter ego’s and cashing in big time. Does this mean that popularity of the team that they play for is any different. Does this effect the actual play that this players perform on while under contract as a NBA player?

Hopefully it doesn’t cause these lil parodies tend to bring for a complete understanding of the actual account of recognition and characterization that is viewed of the player profiled and how he effects the team as a person and player.

One player that was not mentioned in this conversation is the great Micheal Jordan, which used the looney tunes to bring forth his acclaim for NBA greatness as well as the other great Mike of our time in that of Mr. Jackson to show that the recipe for success is none other than hard work.


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