Optimism over Tampa ‘s offense!

This draft season, the buccaneers coaching staff has taken into consideration of how productive the buccaneer offense could be if there were more talent at critical skilled positions.

Taking this consideration into mind, the buccaneers have excelled in this theory and attained what seems to be a competitive class of receivers to the roster going into the preseason. Although this seems to be the expected scheme of the buccaneer offense, that of the availability of a powerful go-to receiver, the multitude of the backfield is a force to be reckoned with as well approaching the preseason.

As history provides, the Tampa offense has always struggled in the passing game, year in and year out, passing up the opportunity to capitalize on offensive production has been overlooked and handed to the defense to gain popularity and talent. As one looks back into the previous buccaneer seasons, never has there been a drafting class as such in which the Tampa offense must decide how to bring forth this team towards orchestrating a fundamentally sound and productive season.

Just as there is depth in the wide-out position there is depth in the backfield position when considering the options of the tampa offense. The notable sign will be difference making this season. The offense is lacking the offensive experience as the decision as who will lead the 2009 tampa offense is still at hand. Who ever is to take control of the offense (Mc Cown or Freeman) will bring forth the opinion of how the offense has developed to consider the difference between that in the wide-out position and the backfield.

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