Minimum wage the new living wage!

Despite the current struggle in regards to our nations economic crisis, let it be known that it seems to negate the problem with homes being foreclosed one may take a look at our current living wage standard.

An assumption taken against the cost of living that is expected out of a general area, it is safe to say that as a Floridian I’m assumed to make roughly $16.68 an hour to reside in the state at a comfortable level. Meaning that all my bills are being paid on time and that I have not neglected and of my expected obligations. One can find descriptions of both minimum wages and living wages as the amount a full-time worker should be paid to earn a decent living, to meet basic family needs, to avoid poverty, and so on. The minimum wage is often described as a “starting wage” or a “wage floor” or “a wage to protect the most vulnerable workers,” in contrast to the living wage as a wage that can sustain a family.

As job loss is continuing to present itself as a hassle, the expected criteria that goes along with the interpretation of a fair and consistent wage agreement will soon be tested. With the introduction of a new president we as a nation also received an incentive as the minimum wage went up as well in the beginning of the year; however, with our nation lacking resources what will the new projection of a wage agreement be by the time this crisis is resolved?


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