The Future of Shaquille O’Neal in the NBA as a Center.

Since the start of his Basketball career, Shaquille O’neal has been viewed by coaches, players, and critics alike to being the answer to problems regarding inside scoring, rebounding, and paint pressure.

15 years later the 7-foot, 1-inch center is still looking to impact the NBA as a Big-Man altough his is a free-agent and out of work currently. Shaq, as a blue-chip prospect avoided instant league doqn-falls to become one of the NBA premire centers as he has attained accomplishments such as MVP, leading rebounder, blocks, the championship rings, along with the olympic medals.
Just the mere mention of the name Shaquille O’Neal and the expectations of productivity and work ethic seem to be calmed by the experience and patience that this legendary center gained and inspired others with as he is currently considering another season in the NBA.

Where will he go?

Although Shaq is a good player, the risks that come with him tend to out-weigh the potentials that the seven-footer has. Lacking in Free-throw abilities, old age, constant knee problems, etc.

Now that Kobe Bryant has acheived to attain another ring with-out the supporting efforts of Shaq questions around the league are sparking up as to the current ability of Shaq as a Big-Man and where will he be playing next season if that is what he wants to do, continue playing for the NBA?

I heard that Toronto Raptors are looking at Shaq as well as the Cavs now that his contract is up with the Phoniex Suns.

Where do you think Shaq will go?

Does Shaq still have what it takes to enforce the down-low potentials of a Big-Man in the league?

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