Scheduling Marjuana as a Prescription drug.

On June 6, 2005, the Supreme Court ruled in a 6 to 3 decision that the federal government has authority to regulate the cultivation and usage of homegrown doctor-prescribed marijuana.

Marijuana is a “Schedule 1” controlled substance, making the cultivation, distribution, or possession of marijuana illegal.

On April 17, 2008, Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) introduced the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act (H.R. 5842) in the U.S. House of Representatives. This bill would change marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II of the Controlled Substance Act. It also states that the Controlled Substance Act cannot prohibit or restrict the medicinal use of marijuana in a state which it is allowed.

Knowing that marijuana is a harsh and harmful substance, this tool has gained an understanding by some of your colleagues as a representation of what can be that of a fully recognized prescribed substance.

Does the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes leave room that constitutes a medical necessity?

You, yourself, currently oppose the consideration that marijuana, as a substance, has or ever will bring forth a sound platform that will offer grounds of a medicinal necessity.

As states continue to express the fact that marijuana may have some medicinal traits to aid one in the efforts of pain relief, the potentials of marijuana being regulated on grounds of taxation and self-sufficiency opinions that Florida take an open-minded approach towards understanding marijuana as having medicinal properties should be made aware. Being an opposed substance the fact that options of individuals becoming possessors of an illegal substance under the influence of medicinal functions regards of their legal rights and expressions of those rights should be noticed and taken as civilized activities. Although as a state, Florida does not allow marijuana to be used as a medicinal option to pain relief, as a state based on the options of tourism we must come to understand these rights of these individuals that visit our state as legally prescribed marijuana patients.

This is a sound consideration to express interests in the fact that as a state we should come to consider that marijuana has legitimate legal standings and taken to the approach by the state of Florida in that manner. As a resident I don’t think that it is fair to be held under the blanket of opposition when socially being deprived of what the rest of the nation is becoming involved with as a productive conjunction with a profitable tool and a legitimate medicinal device.

However to bring forth an understanding that harnessing the social capabilities of marijuana as a state to truly express an understanding that marijuana even as an illegal cash crop has the potentials of transitioning into a fully functional medicinal device is possible should be considered as a rational substance and an impactful expression of what was thought as being a uncontrollable substance of irrational proportions.

2 Comments to “Scheduling Marjuana as a Prescription drug.”

  1. This is a very interesting topic, with very few simple answers. The problem with marijuana being a prescription drug is that people can grow it in their backyards, especially if it’s decriminalized. So taxation and regulation would be harder than it is for, say, alcohol (though I assume they would make the 2 similar if marijuana was legalized). I think we’re going in a good direction though, and it’ll save us so much money if we stop spending tons of money putting nonviolent marijuana offenders in jail. Positive changes are coming me thinks!

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