Sports Economics

Has anyone noticed the unexpected changes towards the pace that athletes are expected to handle when considering themselves professional material?

Striving for the best has never been more expected and supposedly drawn out as ever before. Marketing schemes that have made sports such a popular career has brought the expectancy of up coming seasonal play to an all time high.

Never before have the implementations of real-life as well as fantasy roster projections for those career minded sports enthusist awing for the final call on pre-season fielding to begin what will be a dominate sports season.

You have a NCAA to NFL Draft Class that has believers expecting to see Stafford and Sanchez acclaim productive spirts in the NFL to contend for greatness. As the expectations of the draft class coem to close you have the free agency class movement that suggests that marketing approaches by team have only one thing in mind, and that is to finish the season above five hundred. There are currently nine new NFL head coaches that will be head hunting to fullfil thier contracts accordinly as well as movement through-out the NFL that suggests that this is the season to contend for dominance.

As far as the NBA is concerned, with the Lakers winning the Finals and allowing Kobe to claim his fouth ring, anything short of greatness will be uncivilized. Shaq in what may consider a pivitol season is claim he is in his prim as he goes to help LeBron in Cleveland. The Magic get rid of Alston, Turkoglu, Lee, and Battie to gain a home favorite in Vince Carter. The Clippers gain ground in their first round draft pick in that of the NCAA favorite in Blake Griffin. Mark Cuban has turned to Kidd once again to brimg forth that competitive spirt in the Mavericks for the 09 season.

Baseball is still having it’s unusual appearances of contorlled substances to bring the average fan wondering just if baseball is as safe of a sport of the American past time to keep harboring attention and fan support towards such a drug influenced sport. Lets just try to stay away from baseball to stay safe for now.

We have gained ground in the international soccer realm as we lost to Brazil in a pivitol match that landed us the 12th position in the FIFA world cup standings.

Sports is still a thriving marketable industry even in a recession. there is nothing from the sorts realm that might even suggest a recession has been a factor in the American economy.

5 Comments to “Sports Economics”

  1. Check out our blog when you get a chance, we discussed many of the same topics…

  2. I would hesitate to say that sports hasn’t been affected by the economy. It definitely has, it’s just that we haven’t quite seen it yet. Remember, most financial decisions and contracts were made prior to the downturn. Remains to be seen what contracts and salary caps will look like going forward.

    • If so, then we are in for a rude awaking towards this portion of the current financial consideration that has affected this nations on all assumptions of a consumer approach from home buying striaght down to jobs losses.

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