I am a Highlander!

Ever since I could remeber, the Friday night football games that have been played at legions field have gone unnoticed. As a former student of Lake Wales Senior High School in Lake Wales Florida, I used to wonder why our school was never mentioned on the sports highlights of the news channels.

It made me feel as if our school never existed to the outside world at all. Being a top performing 4a school, at the time of my learning experiences thought that some sort of notice should be taken to give Lake Wales the athletic credit due. As a highlander, i witnessed the school football team go to the state 4a finals four years in a row to be defeated four straight times from the years of 1994-1997. The highlander basketball team was some what better during the same time period, however, they brought home two state titles to give the highlanders the type of momentum that was needed to contend against schools in our district such as the Lakeland Dreadnaughts and the Kathleen Red Devils that due to the size of the school were always pumping out talent at levels that allowed them to give us people such as Tracy McGrady and Ray Lewis.

As we begin to approach the up-coming highschool sports season, I’d like to be able to roam through-out central florida and have some sort of refence towards the current production that the Lake Wales Highlander squad are producing. We have always been over-looked and it seems that now is the time to make it aware that we are progressing and developing as a competitive Polk County High School.


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