Rapid Response Services For Laid Off Workers!

For those that have been experiencing trouble getting a job, still, I’ve gone to the department of Labor to bring forth the information below.

It seems that there are services that are geared towards getting people re-employed in a timly manner. The service is called “Rapid Response”. It offered via One-Stop Career Centers/Workforce. I’m sure that for those that are still having trouble getting a job in this rough economy, the mentioning of this service may aid in the placement of a job.

Good Luck!

Being laid off from your job is one of the most traumatic events you can experience in life. However, you do not need to go through this transition alone. Working with your employer, there are services and resources that can be brought to you, on site at your company prior to your layoff date. These services and resources are part of a program called Rapid Response, which will customize services and resources to your needs and the needs of your company, with a goal of getting you back to work as soon as possible and minimize the disruptions on your life that a layoff will cause. The Rapid Response team will provide you the means to maintain an income (unemployment insurance), information on health insurance options, access to skills upgrading and training resources, and much more. This service is extremely valuable: the earlier services are begun, the better. Services and resources vary, so be sure to attend Rapid Response sessions when they are offered so that you are aware of the full array of benefits for which you may be eligible.

Department of Labor


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