Feeling Financially Depressed?

One common feeling or emotion that is common during the current economic downturn is depression and confusion. Financial uncertainty can leave anyone during this current credit dibacle asking, wondering, pondering, searching for those tough questions to being answered. Maybe a reason that family time is becoming a past trend that is making it’s way back to what homes are left amongst our society.

The closeness of familiar faces and the warmth of a strong family bond seems to allow those that have been affected by the lack of responsable spending practices. There is nothing more soothing than the relaxed state of mind that family brings, and with it now being the summer season, the motivation towards being an active family is even more pleasurable than being in the fourth month of unemployment.

What are you doing with your family during these trouobled times?

One Comment to “Feeling Financially Depressed?”

  1. Fourth month, huh? Wait ’til you get up to about the 14th month and see how your family life is holding out. Unemployment destroyed my marriage. I’m alone and staring homelessness in the face. I only wish I could go back to that fourth month, when we all had some time together and things were sort of OK.

    Enjoy it.

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