HUD Awards Family Unification Vouchers

To futher enlighten those that are interested in family values the following posting has been made.

Just prior to the holiday weekend, HUD awarded local housing authorities 2,551 Section 8 vouchers under the Family Unification Program (FUP). These vouchers can be used to provide housing for families where children have been placed in foster care due to the inability of parents to maintain a stable and safe living situation. They can also be used to provide housing for youth aging out of foster care who, without anyplace to go, would otherwise be at high risk of immediate homelessness.

We were proud to work with our partners at the National Center on Housing and Child Welfare to secure funding for FUP vouchers; an additional 2,500+ vouchers are expected to be awarded later this summer. For state by state and housing authority by housing authority breakdowns of where the vouchers were awarded, visit the National Center for Housing & Child Welfare (NCHCW) website ( (Posted by Jeremy Rosen on July 6, 2009; NPACH: The National Policy and Advocacy Council on Homelessness)


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