College Football Florida

I’m not sure if anyone has been watching ESPN and paying attention to the 50 states college football tour. Today they showed the college greats from the state of Wisconson. As you know Ron Dayne was the best player thus far to play collegiate football in the state of Wisconsons’ college football history.

They have pulled up all the stops as they search for college football greatness through-out the 50 states. I’m wondering have they done FLorida yet?

As the best coach I’d place Rod Shafer as a nominee. For what was done with the Webber Football Team he should receive more recognition than what had been previously place by ESPN due to the over-whelming scoring range and win-loss ratio that had been averaged for the Warriors as a NAIA collegiate football team. “When they win, they win big when they lose, they lose big” Is that the best that could be done for a team that was in its starting years of football being offered as a sport for the small private NAIA school. It’s not often that a school in it’s beginning season to being mentioned by the expert sports analyst overview that is ESPN.

Any way, to place concern on the up coming collegiate football season, one should go back and look at some of the stats put up by some of the out-spokens such as the throw back FSU alumni ‘prime-time’ a.k.a Dieon Sanders known for his defensive capibilities and speed as a leading interception returner while in school. Or the great Emmitt Smith that not only as a Florida college athelte set standards thorugh-out the state but as a high-school athlete set the state rushing record that was broken by 1997 high-school runningback Travis Henry from Frostproof. One can’t forget the works of Warren Sapp while at the University of Miami, Warrick Dunn, Earnest Grahmn and son on.

Florida has represented it’s collegiate level sports activites with pride and diginty as the state that seemingly introducted the competitive level and standards of collegiate athletics.


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