The Separation between Church and State

Has anyone seen the headlines?

Father guilty in prayer death case!
A central Wisconsin man accused of killing his 11-year-old daughter by praying instead of seeking medical care was found guilty Saturday of second-degree reckless homicide.

What has this nation come to when the simple turning to God is mistaken by irresponsible acts as such stated? We as a people have come to th eterms that religion is more to us than a customary way of life, it is who we are. It describes who we are as a nation as our fore-fathers came to this land in search of religous freedom. As a nation we open the doors for others to come and share their customs and freedom as a social adaptation of life as they were currently living. Not to mention the expression that comes from the people when consideration of God or any religious faction is mentioned as a positive gesture when the issue of governmental affairs and the presentation of politics is addressed.

So why are we as a people having so much difficulty understanding the importance of religion as a sacred and valued custom?

The role of race comes to mind as one turns to look at the Old Testament of the Bible as survival played a big role in the matter. God made a promise to his people that they will never perish as loong as they had and practiced faith in him and in him alone. This had been a Old Testament reasoning as Gods people were viewed as being the slaves at that time as well as being homeless. The promise was to be able to over come as long as faith was being practiced by those that knew the true reasoning behind Gods current judgement against the people that he “hated”. The only people that God hated were those that took his views and customs and twisted them for self gain. These people will never see the glory of heaven nor his mercy, as it has been written.

However, we as a people seem to over-look the fact that the New Testament with the life of Jesus was the answer for those troubled times of the Old Testament and the Son had come to save us all from his hate against a dying breed of men that opposed him and his will. Jesus in his innocence was to be they way for us all as he paid the price for all of us to be able to experience life as free people. Free from the oppression of selfish men, free from the pains of arrogance and ignorance that had men and nations alike turning their heads at God and his will. Men that tested the improtance of God practicing in ways that were viewed in the eyes of
God as not humanly important and to be forsaken in all the eyes of men and nations.

We keep forgetting that through Jesus alone are we to be saved as long as we seek that that made Jesus so improtant, his innocence and him being Gods only son. The only son that Gods delivered to us as a people as that filter between good and evil, right and wrong, just and unjust. However the most improtant thing that has been over-looked in the life of Jesus was his ability to go out amongst all the people and bring forth the message of his father our God. Jesus went and spoke of the tounges of other men to soothe them towards the mercy and will of God. Have you?

We need to as a people to stop testing the ability and values of God and his message to us a his valued children. We must come to terms of the other mans feelings and be able to express a concern and show support. Amen


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