Restructuring Florida’s educational system

Our educational system is in need of a strict over-hauling as the structuring that has been set to influencing progression of the educational system is failing.

We are witnessing times which issues such as over-crowding and poor test scores are effecting the out come of what had been a nationally paced educational system that makes up the state of Florida.

As the legislators return back to session from a breif summer break, it is impearitive that we make mention of how the educational system is in need of restructuring and budgeting considerations. It is tiring to see schools being threatened of being closed down because of failing test scores and the lack of respect taken towards progressing our children to being productive employed citizens amongst a diverse job market.

It is time that we come to undesrtanding that there are much expected changes that need to be made as the consideration of our childrens education is at stake. When your child is missing days of school due to the fact that the bus never came and you as a parent are unaware that the is no more bussing in the area of town that ou live in for the school that your children are accustom to going to, then, yes it is time that we bring ourselves to make education as valid point in our lives.

Take the time to set up an appointment to talk woth the PTA of your childs school to become aware of the changes that are being made when the issue of education is presented.


One Comment to “Restructuring Florida’s educational system”

  1. I must say I completely agree with you. I am a future Elementary school teacher for the state of Florida, and a Florida elementary, middle, and high school graduate myself. I will admit I didn’t do the greatest, well I should say I didn’t do my full potential in high school, but I came out with a low B average. I always had the feeling as a student and even today, that if you weren’t in Advanced Placement or Gifted classes the teachers just taught until the bell rang and said have a nice day. They didn’t encourage us or make us feel as though we were worth their time because we weren’t AP or Gifted! How discouraging is that for a child?!
    As far as standarized testing, THANK GOD I WASN’T PART OF IT!!! I graduated HS in 1999, the year before this dreaded FCAT nonsense started. Now, don’t get me wrong I believe in standardized testing, BUT I do not believe that they should determine whether as child passes, fails, gets held back, or promoted. I do however, believe should serve as a note to where that SPECIFIC child may need assistance. In that case more counselors and yes even longer school years and hours should be logged. This half day nonsense also needs to stop. We didn’t have all that when I was in school. Every month there’s early release days or days off! Give me a break…no wonder our children aren’t learning or advancing they are NEVER in school long enough to learn anything!!!

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