Taking the Freshman approach

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed that the Webber international university Warriors Football team has three rotating freshman quarterbacks that seem to bring an array of individual preceptionism towards warrior quarterbacking.

As the play calling at Webber seems to be under a new system, a system that calls forth an offense that to some is known as a wildcat option system, this does not affect the talent that is in the depth of the quarterbacks at Webber even from a freshman approach. To caoch for a school that only offers particle sports scholarships the concept of recruiting for the football program seems to have become a second job for its fifth year head coach, Kelly Scott. Coming from a defensive coaching background, the preception of speed and a keen eye for raw talent seems to be guiding Coach Scott as the depth of the quarterback roster at Webber seem to have tons of strength even with an all freshman approach. How?

It hascome to be that all three quarterbacks that the warriors have rostered have played important roles even though the warriors have two losses under there belts. It’s in the stats. So far the Webber receivers average about 10 yards a play. Just in the previous game against the Jacksonville university Dolphins the warriors were six yards shy from having two quarterbacks throw for a hundred yards. Torrance Moise was 16-of-20 for 183 yards and one touchdown. Jerry Caplan also went 5-of-9 for 94 yards and one touchdown.

Stay tuned as this should be a very productive warrior football season.


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