Has Football Season Really Started

What a horrible wy to open the season for the Bucs with a loss at home in a divisional game against the Dallas Cowboys. It seems as though the Bucs were still trying to conclude conditioning scheduling suited for preseason play development, where is the professional intensity? The only sign of production for the Bucs seemed to come from the backfield in the way Cadillac charged for 97 early yards. Between the backfield rotation and the checkdown assumption of the receivers, there still seemed to be some confusion on behalf of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As the season came to open in Tampa for professional football the expectation of a new and improved team assumption had been expressed and was taken into the mind set as kickoff took place at raymond james stadium. Almost every aspect of the team has been re-vamped and changed to influence production. The bucs can never seem to bounce back after having a successful season and that expectation has been considered with the renovation of the front-office and staff at One Bucs Place in Tampa. There has to be a more marketable approach that the bucs can take as a Nfl team and it seems that they have done just this in the off-season. So how long will it take for the changes to take affect as a publicly visual preception as well?

As a fan i feel very comfortable with the exchange for Leftwich as a QB. He has the signs and I hope that the staff sees it as well. He has to slow down andtake the time to see just how NFC professional football is played. There are different marketable approaches that can and are used while under contract as a player in this Conference. Coming to play for a slow moving Tampa offense must be dragging for him. It seems as though as the loss against the Cowboys is discussed, he seemed very tense, as though he is still unfamilar with the progam which ould be expected but could happen in the transtioning from th AFC.

Never expected to see the defense come to play as a reformed playing style of defense. Everyone still has that hungered look at each snap and the hustle could never be more noticed. It’s just that the bucs seem to be a very young football squad. REgardless of the professional level of play, they still seem to struggle with coming to terms with being that serious NFC South offensive total package. I just hope that the Bucs can see this in the opening loss taken and bounce back and bring forth a win in the next game against the Buffalo Bills.


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