Not just a “W” in the column

Although the collegiate aspect of football season has just started for the Webber Warriors the season could not be in a more stressful position going into a game against NAIA’s three time champions in that of the Georgetown Tigers (Ky). The warriors are 0-3 and need to pull together a better offensive strategy then what has been perceived by Coach Scott and his coordinating staff. This probably will be the most mentally challenging game of the season for the Warriors who have still not found there way amongst the conferencing considerations of the NAIA.

As an independent, the warriors have been submitted into a football scheduling criteria that seems to leave the assumption that the warrior football camp is just a “W” in a column for most of the teams that they play, why?

In a discussion that is going on amongst the NAIA over on, the level of play is mentioned as the NAIA teams have begun football season with losses racked up against teams that have expected wins and a more competitive approach this season as a NAIA program. An expectation that is expected due to the fact that most schools can’t afford to offer better scholarships to a very spirited and accented recruiting class that comes out each year. It’s tough to anticipate the level of talent that will come from the high school draft class and present it on the football field with the expectation of a win. The warriors have done this with the presentation of three quarterbacks that come with the mental state to open the field of play offensively to produce but not to erect a win. Who’s to blame the offense or the defense? Or is this still the struggling assumptions taken on as a football program amongst the NAIA in that of the Webber International Warriors? What ever it is, it still seems that through it all the Webber Warriors are still viewed as a win in the column as a competitive independent contender.


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