Affordable Energy Credit for Working Families

“We must address the dire risks of global warming while also ensuring this effort does not impose additional hardships on families already struggling to get by. We should establish specific mechanisms to help these families, and I look forward to hearing testimony related to that goal,” a statement by Chairman Jim McDermott. (Hearing on Protecting Lower-Income Families While Fighting Global Warming, March 12, 2009)

Housing and energy costs are rising faster than incomes as gas prices are on the rise at a time when economic down-falls are becoming a way of life in America. Over the past ten years, legislation has come to consider the fact that placing a tax on clean methods of energy production is a rather understatment when considering the obvious that America is the leading producer of harmful emissions against our environment. The Earth’s climate has unequivocally warmed and that most of the observed changes since the 1970s are due to greenhouse gases emitted as a result of human activity.

As the assumption of socioeconomic measures and the fact that as Americans our energy concerns are that of providing for our homes and cars should encourage a resolve of affordable policies as this effect seems to affect the quality of life for working families. Giving way to the assumption that taxing clean energy methods are unfair and an unproductive pratice of enforcing the consideration of reducing emissions levels by 44 percent by the year 2050.

When the suggestion of Affordable tax credits are mentioned then the effort of not only an american issue but that of a global assumption should have the article of affordable means as an expression of total over-all understanding of the fact that this matter is that of a protecting are environment and our working families is all in all the same policy.


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