Climate control‏

41% of the American people think the threat of global warming is being exaggerated having said this, today marks the beginning of a new era of activism to fight global warming.

A 2009 peer-reviewed study published in Science concludes that the planetary effects of Antarctic ice melt could lead to wildly uneven sea level increases. In the Northern hemisphere sea level increases as high as 21 feet may threaten New York, London, and Tokyo with total inundation — creating tens of millions of refugees.

Economist Nicholas Stern believes that without urgent action, we could be committing ourselves to a planetary increase of four to six degrees Centigrade. A tempertaure increase in which on a global concern has nations considering the fact that changes need to be made towards energy methods used for the greater good.
Wind and solar power, energy efficiency, a green energy grid—these are our energy future.

Fossil fuel burning, industrial agriculture and forest destruction cause the climate to change by releasing billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Scientists predict that unless humans significantly reduce carbon emissions, sea levels will rise, and weather patterns will shift violently. Human-caused pollution has left our planet on the verge of a tipping point at which ecosystems will die and release massive amounts of CO2. If that happens, the changes to the climate could be irreversible, countless species will go extinct, and our economic and cultural way of life will be forever altered.

The struggle to build a clean energy future is far from over, but today we started something truly momentous. If President Obama and the new Congress are going to have any chance of passing effective global warming legislation, they’ll need overwhelming popular support.
That is the reason for this letter. In writing this letter I wish to bring forth the fact that even though less than half the national population is aware that global warming news is valuable it needs the same attention now as the current unemployment crisis .

Will you make sure that every effort to allow green solutions to come into play is a certainty for the people of Florida?


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