What happened to the Run game, Tampa?

What a loss that was delivered to the Tamp Bay Buccaneers by the Buffalo Bills Sunday as the Bills hosted the Bucs for the first time since the teams have been playing one-another. The first time since the teams have met that the Bills have had a chance to host the Buccs at home, and what a hosting it was.

For a team that is in need of a win, the Bucs never really showed that ambition as the game was played against the Bills with the slowest of production repsonse that could be made by the improving Tampa offense as the Bucs were held to only 52 rushing yards out of 19 attempts. WTF is going on here in Florida with the ground effort from the Bucs? There use to be a point in time that you could not pay the Bucs to stop runnig the ball seemingly and now it seems that they have taken up that offer of late as the rushing attempts that the team is taking is taking a more negative approach. When Cadillac has more than 20 attempts the Bucs are 10-0, how many attempts did Williams have aginst the Bills, 7. Seven attempts that landed Williams only 9 yards rushing for the game in which may have been a more entertaining pleasentry if the Bucs would have come with a more devised plan of a ground attack than the one taken.

Although the Bucs did manage to come out with 296 passing yards in which Leftwich threw 3 touchdowns and 2 costly interecption, the Bucs still could have used the extra push from the ground to prove to the Bills why they have been the more productive offensive force between them. A force that here lately has been lossing and wondering what steps to take next as the rookie coach Morris tries to manage what has been left to him as far as a football team from the Gruden era.


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