A much needed Bye week

There is no football games scheduled for the Webber International University Warriors as they have a bye week this week. A much needed bye week this week as the warriors are 0-4 and off to a collegiate football start that will only end in disaster due to there ten game schedule. There is only six games left in the schedule for the warriors this season, which hopefully during the bye week the warriors will focus on placing a winner in their column.

From a fan perspective, it seems that the warriors are in need of that type of focusing that only a fully motivated bye week could bring to ease the level of stress that is in the hands of it players and staff alike.

Coming off a long two game road trip only to come off the bye week to go back on the road does not really offer the time expected to revamp the offense that seems to have had some trouble adjusting to the demanding offensive scheming that Webber uses as a play calling routine. One might say that it is similar to the NFL wildcat offense that is being used by numerous NFL teams this season. Having three rookie quarterbacks that can step up and produce under the conclusion of the play-calling tactics says much for the team the defensively is struggling even with the defensive expertise in Coach Scott, an ex defensive coordinator.

There much to discuss on the field and off the field for the warriors of Webber International University.


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