If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep it

The consideration for a reformed health care policy continues as Florida welcomes an advanced medicare policy in that of the current Medicare Advantage. At a time were americans are fighting to obtain the simplest of health care incentives, Medicare Advantage offers more in the range of health care insurance, such as dental and vision care. As the bill is mentioned, so is a lenghty consideration of increased premiums directed towards those that are of age 55+. Conditions that has raised an awareness in the fact that on average, a 14 percent increase is higher than what the government would spend for the same people in traditional Medicare.

Wednesday, members of the Finance Committee slogged though a mammoth health care overhaul bill in which, to help offset the cost of covering the uninsured, the Senate and House bills would squeeze roughly $400 billion to $500 billion out of the projected growth in Medicare over 10 years.

Currently, proposals have been drawn to cut special Medicare payments to hospitals serving large numbers of low-income people, on the assumption that more patients will have insurance.


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