Bucs can’t buy a win

Once again for the third week in a row the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can’t seem to come up with the chemistry to produce a win in the win column. What a way to start the season 0-3 under the leadership of new head coach Raheem Morris.

Before meeting the New York Giants, one could say that the Buccaneers were in need of a more structured offensive unit, however, now that the Bucs have met the NFL power-ranked team it has now been concluded that the Buccaneers are in need of a new team theory in all.

Going into the match-up against the Giants, the Bucs already had the worst defense in the league with an average of 450 yards a game allowed. How?

It seems that Coach Morris can’t seem to hold the once predominate Buccaneers defense that, a predominate defense. There use to be a time were the mention of the Buccaneers defense had teams searching for new tactics to run against the hungry defensive unit. It might be time for the Bucs to invest in some free agent experience to give the defense that veteran knowledge and experience. Damn it would have been nice to keep Derrick Brooks. Having him seemed to give the Bucs defense that level of confidence that is needed to stop some of the best offenses and keep the game scoring scenario a close comparison.

So far the only bit of entertainment that has come from the Tampa defense is play after play of sloppy un productive visual displays. Just as the offense has been pulled together and started making moves through-out the NFL it should be fair to consider the same from the defense. Yes there once was a time in which the Tampa offense could not gain over 350 yards total offense, however, once again going into the game against the Giants an average of 450 yards had been displayed out of the offensive unit. Not the case during the game against the Giants.

What gives? Seems that what is needed now is to consider the losses against the assumption of next season already. Going into the forth game of the season the Bucs are in need of some future enlightenment.


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