Who are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Where is the current coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bearing the name of Raheem Morris? Is he aware that the football season is under way and his guidance is needed in the effect of positioning an NFL team into winning and achieving the dream of championship status?

Currently the bucs have gone from being a potential despite starting the season with two losses. There seemed to be a small problem that needed to be adjusted amongst the offense which seemed like adding a consistent rushing attack to tire the defense. With these came the question of which running back to use as the recent signing of Derrick Ward added to the depth of the rushing game for the bucs but has yet to achieve what had been expected of him as Carnell Williams came back from a torn knee ligament and expressed in an instance that he needed employment the NFL with the bucs. The game against the giants Sunday proved the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still in need of a stern captain to lead them.

I’m not sure how many people watched what could have been called an exclusive match-up between the fifth and sixth ranked passing offenses in the NFL but what was actually expressed was that Tampa, the lesser of the two is still just that as the display of Leftwich’ passing production was left in the locker room some how. Bryon Leftwich who had an average of 260 yards a game was held to only 22 yards passing with 7 catches of 16 attempts and 1 interception. Wow! That was a major turn around that had been made with the anticipation of the match-up against the giants, but how? Where had the offense that had 450 yards average total offense within two games gone so quick?

It’s one thing to have an offense that can pass as efficient as the bucs have been but it’s another to have an offense that can’t produce with the rushing schematics portion of an offense as the team total is at 259 total rushing yards after 3 games. What has become of this team? Everything about the team has been re-arranged as the bucs can’t even produce any more pro bowlers, what is going on with this team?

One thing that must be considered of this franchise is the fact of the matter is that this is a professional organization and so far the only expression of professionalism is losing quietly three games in a row to open the season. Way to go Bucs!


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