The Food Service Industry

Yesterday, I posted my resume not for the intentions of people to call me back with job referrals, thanks, but to bring forth the question of what weight does this document really carry. Most people these days aren’t quite sure how to use a resume, sad to say but it’s true.

The normal assumption of a resume is if I got it then that’s good, but what do you have one for. A resume can not only express your work history, but can also present the conditions of future employment. My resume that was posted yesterday is only to be used in the approach of a food serving type job, McDonald management, Red Lobster short order cook, Piccadilly’s cook, etc.. That is the only type of employment that the resume posted should be directed towards. Those are the parameters that have been set in the resume that I have drawn and the only type of employment that is expressed as a specific expression of work history and qualified job performance. It could use some work, but that’s for me to decide, it’s mine and there is room to modify a more employable job direction but it’s a start.

The intention is to not only show that I’m working at attaining employment, but to also bring those that are experiencing troubles at attaining employment a new position to consider the improve upon. The job market is tough as hell right now and we as those that are looking for new income considerations must be brought to the awareness of the specifics that are asked to achieve employment at that new favorite job.

One Comment to “The Food Service Industry”

  1. It is true that in this difficult job market many jobs that would not ordinarily require something as formal as a resume are now doing just that. I don’t know if they are trying to seperate those that are seriously searching for work in their particular field from those that fill out applications everywhere, or whether they think a resume is some indicator of ability, but it is catching a large number of job seekers off gaurd. I know many skilled and experienced tradespeople who had never before in 25years of work been required to submit a resume. Now they are struggling to capture their real world experience on paper. I am a pipe welder by trade and my resume reflects that, but even I was astonished when I went to apply for a job as a sports bar waitresss and they ask for a resume. Should I really rewrite a resume about my job experiences in construction to qualify me for a three dollar an hour job serving beer? It sure puts peolple without computer access at a disavantage. I suppose I am fortunate in the fact that for the first time in eight years I actually own a computer. The wages are so low but the expectations (that we have a computer, that we have internet and email, that we have a car, that we have a cell phone,…etc.) are so high.

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