Webber’s Continual Losing Streak

I’m pretty sure that the Webber Football coaching staff will be looking for jobs like the rest of this nations unemployed after this weekends upset in North Carolina against the UNC-Pembroke Braves 30-3.

This is the warriors fifth loss on the season as the warriors have proven that when it comes to games outside the NAIA they can’t handle the pressure of swifter and more aggressive offensive fronts that have been placed in front of this young warrior defense. Facing situation such as instances where the braves offense would put together a yard-chewing 9-play, 70-yard scoring drive that would chew up two minutes out of both the first and second quarter or 62 yards in six plays, before capping off with a 16-yard touchdown run. The warriors defense gave up four-hundred and ninty-nine yards out of 71 plays of total offense in the game against the braves.

The warriors are still in need of that specific detailing in the fundamentals of the game as they seemed tired and off-set under certain situations that forced them to take the loss and come back home under the assumption that there is still more time to improve on the season. That assumption is now out the window and the highly considered expectation of a win has now positioned itself into a must have on the season.

This is by far the worst season that the warriors have faced since there inaugural season in 03′ as a team in NAIA football realm. They have had two different head coaches and staff changes have been an annual routine of events as the warriors have placed themselves into the position of a winless season coming home to face their rivals in Edward Waters this coming Saturday.

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