Who really was the better Team? Tampa or Washington?

Despite losing in a controversial road game against the Washington Redskins the are questions that have stirred up that has one asking who is the better team resulting form the out come of Sunday’s game. The Bucs went into the match up under the expectation of coming out with a win with the rumors that have been mentioned about the quarterback position amongst the redskins’ recently lacking offensive unit. The redskins have been in a slump here recently as the productivity has been slacking and Jason Campbell has been placed under the spot-light as being that specific factor that is in need of improvement.

Sound familiar Bucs fans?

Out with Leftwich bring up Johnson and ready Freeman. Or how about bring in Brad Johnson bench Shawn King, Or trade Brad Johnson for Jeff Garcia but sign Josh Johnson under the assumption that he will be the future if the team as a offensive leader. Then to get rid of Garcia and bring in Leftwich and sign Freeman under the same assumption that Josh Johnson was brought in under. The quarterback tango has been a fair trade marketing assumption that the Bucs have seemed to progress tactics and bring forth the ability to sign in drafted players and bait and trade them as an attempt to keep the doors open for that perfectly blended offensive powerhouse amongst the NFC South. Something the Bucs have never really been able to accomplish as a team since making that initially embarking the NFL as a franchise in the 70’s.

What really needs to be considered about the Bucs offensive production is that the running game needs to be brought to a NFL play calling regime to take flight rather than the small claims tactics of a college inspired rushing impact that has been placed thus far. The previous stats have shown that the Bucs are a very efficient team when rushing consistently. Knowing this, this has to be a priority going into any match-up this season just to keep the momentum going as the transition of new staff, players, and coaches have been brought into Tampa as influential factors to the team projections for this season.

We are now 0-5 and really in need of everything that a struggling NFL can use under the factors as of now in which the Bucs are faced with. Detroit has even come to make a statement upon the 09-10 season, and that’s win.

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