Could the Webber Warriors be in need of a new head coach

For those like myself that are die-hard football fans are probably expecting the worse for the current Webber International University Football head coach, Kelly Scott. Maybe not.

The warriors are currently in the process of it’s worst season yet since becoming a team back in 2004 with the current standings of 0-5. Your Fired would have been the phrase that the four year head coach would have heard as he entered his office Monday morning, but things have been quite as the warriors prepare for a home game against their NAIA rival, Edward Waters College.

The warriors are still in need of conferencing approaches as a team amongst the NAIA as they are still journing the realm as a indpendent team. The warriors as a fourth year football team are in need of the direction that comes from being a conferenced colegiate team. They are lacking the ability to place needed wins on the board due to the fact that the majority of the team that are played are bigger schools that the warriors currently can’t handle. This should be the next approach that the warriors make as a decision is being considered for the future of the football program.

No new coach or staffing consideration will ever amount to the impact that is being negelcted upon as the warriors face the threat of becoming 0-6 on the season as a independent NAIA football program.


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