Tampa’s Passing Dilemma

With the activation of Josh Johnson the Tampa offense took a statistical loss as the yards per game have been reduced at least one hundred yards with the replacement of Leftwich. Only having 142 yards passing with one interception last game the pressure is on for the inexperienced quarterback.

One thing that has been noticed about Johnson thus far is the fact that defenses can’t seem to contain him as he has rushed 8 times for 59 yards this season. Giving the Tampa offense an added advantage rushing on offense. This is a productive aspect that has been noticed of the second year San Diego alumni. Hopefully this will be the added advantage that is needed to produce the first win of the season against the Eagles who have seemed to awaken a sleeping beast of a quarterback in that of Kevin Kolb whom threw for 327 yards in a precession passing game against Kansas City last week. It is this type of efficacy that is missing for the Tampa offense as of now as they are searching for a consistent seasonal pro-bowl quarterback. This will be the second start of the season for Johnson as the Tampa offense is still in search of their first win of the season out of four losses.

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