What was missing from the Bucs offense against the Eagles

Week 5 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense only proved that more emphasis is needed to be taken upon the schematics and play scenarios, as once again the Bucs have tallied up another loss on the season bringing them to 0-5. For the first time since the 1978 season have the Bucs placed themselves into a position in which the offense is in need of every considerable type of improvement and fundamental conditioning that is needed out of a NFL. Besides the Saint Louis Rams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the second most worst position that is available within the NFL, as well as the NFC as a divisional team.

Tampa seemed to be in the process of becoming that marketable team that the NFC South is in need of beside the efforts of the Falcons and the Saints in which are currently the only productive teams in the NFC South as of now that the Panthers and the Bucs are amongst the NFL’s worst team of the season thus far. Why, How did this happen when the Bucs did all they could to manage themselves into a monetary status to at least set the tempo towards a profitable marketable season with the additions of Raheem Morris, Greg Olson, Josh Freeman, Bryon Leftwich, and all other behind the scenes productive personnel that make One Buc Place home for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

It’s not as if the struggling that the Bucs are witnessing this season is just that of a couple of interchangeable mishaps, the Tampa team as of now have positioned themselves to only having the ability to consider the assumption of another draft pick in the up coming off season, cause there is no way in hell that the Bucs in this position can pull off a nine game winning streak to atleast keep a wild-card playoff appearance alive. Against the Eagles the game plan had been set to start Carnell Williams and show the NFL that rushing amongst the ranks of the most productive is not a problem, however that was diverted upon when the defense of the Bucs seemed to realize early that the Eagles were out for blood as the Eagles totaled 33 points against the young and sluggish Tampa defense.

Although the defense of the Bucs was displayed as being at times on their heels the offense was only in need of one or two major plays to keep the current statistical analysis of the Bucs valid. Despite resulting to throw 50 passes in which 3 interceptions were made as well as a slue of deflected passes, Johnson managed to put up 240 passing yards and acquire 22 first downs and convert 9 of 18 third downs for a 50 percentile rating. Josh Johnson also managed to another big possession receiver in that of free agent veteran Kellen Winslow who had 9 receptions for 102 and the only Buccaneers touchdowns of the game.

It is now up to the Tampa running game to step it up and put out. Out of 22 rushing plays the Tampa offense only managed to attain 85 rushing yards even with Johnson putting up 40 of the 85 yards with a 29 yard long rush. It is now a ground war that that the Tampa offense must face and address as offensive production is perceived as the lacking ability of the Buccaneers as a team over-all. When will the Cadillac be fine tuned and ready for running within the congested interstate of the NFL as of now? Will the Bucs be able to break even as a 500 ball club this season? Can we expect any more losses on the season for the Bucs? What is next for the Bucs as the rushing game is now placed as the most lacking ability of the team over-all?

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