No Bootlegging in Florida

DUI laws address drivers intoxicated on any substance, and intoxication is far more important to consider under the law than possession!

It is to be known that Florida is still a state that doesn’t allow certain types of alcoholic beverages to being sold. Ever seen a forty in the state? No! That’s because those sizes of beer were out-lawed back when the prohibition of alcohol was administered under the federal association of distribution and handling practices.

Reason the state will not consider any current forms of extending prescription practices towards marijuana, as it has been considered to have medicinal properties associated. In doing so we as a state mat have to condition standards to become aligned with federal assumptions. What! The government is the only known organization to man to have any reasonable policies associated with the prescription administering practices as well as distribution guidelines. In order for the state of Florida to become as state that practices these procedures we would have to answer to their standards of practices. In doing so the state becomes the new governing body.

Does the state need the threat of being acted upon against the government for any reason?

If the state were to pass any policy practice towards the expression of marijuana as a legally prescribed substance those practices will be contrasted against and brought to being liable to for any illegitimate practices. Something with the current revenue that the state currently budgets could not stand to bear the fines made from the conditions considered from the illegitimate practices.

How do you persuade the state that marijuana pays for what its worth?

A consideration that many are now staging to platform, the question is will you?

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